The new pellet boiler from NBE has arrived!

The RTB – Ready To Burn® boiler is 100% produced in Denmark and 100% Danish Design. The RTB boiler is produced to make your life as a pellet boiler owner much easier.

With standard features such as Automatic Deashing, Compressor Cleaning of the Burner, and Compressor Cleaning of the Boiler you will only need to make maintenance cleaning once or twice a year!

Also with the web-enabled Version 7 control box you can connect your RTB system to our online community of boilers on That means that even though you are not at home, you can still monitor your boiler and control it from anywhere in the world!

So what distinguish the RTB boiler from other boilers?

  1. Fewer installations cost since it’s already assembled from the factory (Ready To Burn).
  2. It has a nicer appearance with the built-in cable management.
  3. You can burn up to 3 tons of pellets before emptying the ashbin due to the ash compression ashtray.
  4. With the compressor cleaning of both the burner and boiler, there are longer intervals between cleanings.
  5. With an optimized smoke-flow it reduces the risk of condensation in the chimney.
  6. Its higher efficiency allows a minimal heat loss from the boiler.
  7. With the possibility of low-temperature operation (down to 40 degrees) it reduces heat loss in the piping.
  8. Less chance of smoke odor due to the EPDM rubber sealing in the boiler (tighter boiler)

Also with NBE’s customization option, you can build your RTB system to fit all your exact needs.

So let’s get Ready To Burn®!

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