Become a certified RTB Dealer!

If you are currently not a certified RTB Dealer and you would like to be, you will need to contact your local RTB distribution partner in your country.  They will be best able to advise you on the certification and dealer training process. Find RTB Distribution partner here.

Remember, that with over 60.000 NBE pellet burners out on the market you will be partnering yourself with a market tested product and with a company with a long history in pellet heating.


As a certified RTB Dealer: 

  • You will get competitive pricing on all RTB related products.
  • The ability to offer extended warranty terms to the end customer.
  • Private customers will be able to locate you on our dealer page
  • End customer referrals

Our Expectation for RTB Dealers:

  • You carry your own stock of RTB spare parts (RTB Service Suitcase).
  • You are able to offer your customer’s a service agreement.
  • You keep yourself updated with the development of the RTB product and are familiar with how to use Stokercloud to provide exceptional service.
  • You are passionate about giving your customer’s the very best experience possible during the sales process, installation, and during the after sales service.