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100% Made in DENMARK


The BLACKSTAR product line has been a highly successful product for the past 10 years due its’ smart controls, ease of use, and fast payback on investment. The BLACKSTAR+ is the next generation of the BLACKSTAR product line and is proudly designed and produced in two fully modernized production facilities in Skive and Saeby, Denmark. The production facilities utilize the latest in automatized and robotic production; thus allowing for not only a high quality product but also a cost effective one for the homeowner. In addition, the Blackstar+ features some of NBE’s latest advancements in central pellet heating technology, thus allowing you to maintain a smart heating system for years to come.

BLACKSTAR+ Standard Features: 

  • FREE 2 year subscription to  Stokercloud, our online monitoring and operations system,
  • 10″ wireless controller running V13 app (Android OS)
  • Possibility to add up to 3 Android devices to your system
  • Air compressor burner cleaning kit; which allows for automatic cleaning of your burner grate (compressor not included)
  • Self-compressing ash can
  • Automatic de-ashing system allows you to burn 2-3 tons of pellets before emptying
  • No mess boiler clean out handles that allows you to easily clean your boiler in seconds without opening it up
  • And our legendary ‘step-less’ 10-100% modulating burner for precision heating.

Combined, this allows for precise and cost effective heating that requires minimal effort for both home or business owners to begin heating with wood pellets. In addition, the systems are designed to be plug-and- play ready which reduces installation cost and can be installed in a modular fashion to add greater functionality and comfort. (See your NBE dealer for details)


The Version 13 controller includes:

  • An Intuitive Dashboard
  • Boiler Temperature Settings and Timer
  • Hot Water Priority Settings and Timer
  • PI Regulation
  • Nighttime Reduction Reset
  • Weather Compensation Zone Controls
  • Indoor Reference Zone Controls
  • O2 Control
  • Pump Controls
  • Solar Heating Controls
  • Hopper Level Monitoring
  • Consumption Graphs
  • Operational Charts
  • Email & SMS notifications and alarm messaging


      Standard Features

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Customize your own Blackstar+

Choose kW Size

BS+ 10

Output: 12 kW
Efficiency: 95% (Class 5)
Heats: 150-200 m²*
Replaces: 3500 liters of oil/y
Width: 490mm
Depth: 969 mm
Height: 1113 mm
*Based on well insulated home

See our manuals here:

BS+ 16

Output: 16 kW
Efficiency: 95% (Class 5)
Heats: 200-300 m²*
Replaces: 5000 liters of oil/y
Width: 490 mm
Depth: 969 mm
Height: 1113 mm
*Based on well insulated home

See our manuals here:

BS+ 25

Output: 23 kW
Efficiency: 95% (Class 5)
Heats: 300-450 m²*
Replaces: 7000 liters of oil/y
Width: 490 mm
Depth: 969 mm
Height: 1113 mm
*Based on well insulated home

See our manuals here:

Choose Hopper

BS+ Hoppers

280 kg

Refill every: 7-18 days*
Width (mm): 490
Depth (mm): 969
Height (mm): 1220
* based on 10kW burner

BS 1015-30(380Silo)1000x1000px

380 kg

Refill every: 10-25 days*
Width (mm): 750
Depth (mm): 969
Height (mm): 1220
* based on 10kW burner

Choose Accessories

Hot Water Priority Kit

Never be stuck without hot water! With the hot water priority kit your system will be able to monitor the temperature of your hot water tank and prioritize the distribution of hot water when the tank temperature gets below a certain specified threshold.  This feature will also work during the summer time when heating demands are low.

See our Installation guides.

Extension Module

Need more outputs? The new RTB with V13 wireless screen is delivered as standard with extra outputs to connect to accessories, for instance hot water priority and a weather compensation zone valve. However, if you find that you would like to add more accessories to your system the extension module with 7 extra outputs is an ideal choice to get the extra functionality.

See our manuals here: RTB Manual

Weather Compensation Kit

Get stable indoor temperatures regardless of the weather! With the weather compensation kit you are able to operate your pellet boiler in a more energy efficient manner with less cycling; while ensuring that indoor temperatures are never too hot, nor too cold.

How it works: The system works with a weather compensation blending valve that monitors the forwarding temperature to the heating zone.  When outdoor temperatures get colder, the valve regulates itself to provide a higher forwarding temperature to compensate for the zone’s increased consumption. When outdoor temperatures increase the blending valve reduces the forwarding temperature to the zone.  The result is even and stable indoor temperatures!

See our manuals here: RTB Manual

Draft Regulator

Having a clean burning pellet boiler depends greatly on balancing the air to wood pellet fuel mixture during the combustion process. If it is particularly windy outside the chimney could be producing an overdraft that could disrupt the fuel to air mixture in the combustion; essentially causing to much air to be pulled into the burner.  The draft regulator is an essential component in the installation of a biomass system to prevent overdraft in the chimney from influencing the combustion.  As such, you must always ensure that your chimney always includes a draft stabilizer.

See our manuals here: RTB Manual