RTB AIR (30kW)


RTB Air is a highly efficient and cost effective pellet air heating system that is ideal for space heating in commercial workshops, warehouses, or similar. All that is required is that the RTB Air is connected to a chimney and power outlet. No expensive or time-consuming installation of ventilation ducts is required. Simply, connect the RTB air to a chimney, connect it to power, and begin heating.  In comparison to a regular diesel or oil air heater, the RTB Air runs on CO2 neutral wood pellets that are up to 50% less expensive in fuel costs.

The RTB Air advantages include:

  • 96,4% Efficiency
  • up to 50% cheaper in fuel costs than similar oil/diesel systems
  • Easy Installation – requires only a connection to power and a chimney
  • Inexpensive Installation- No additonal ventilation connections are required.
  • Precise and easy temperature regulation.
  • 10” wireless screen with remote montioring
  • Inbuilt Exhaust Fan
  • Large Self Compressing Ash Can with capacity upto 3 tons of pellets consumed.
  • Ability to connect an external auger or vacuum system to increase pellet storage capacity

Standard Features

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Feeding Options

Stand alone RTB AIR

RTB AIR with Cloth Silo

RTB AIR with NBE 80×80 hopper

RTB AIR with Vacuum Feeding