Smoke, Bake, Braise, & Sear with the RTB Grill

RTB grills have an operating temperature range from 40 – 300°C allowing you to do everything from smoking and barbecuing to searing on the same grill. 



Barbecuing with wood has been a long held tradition and preferred grilling method amongst competition cooks, restaurateurs, and BBQ aficionados alike. This is due to the smoky flavor profiles derived from such wood varietals like hickory, oak, apple, pecan, maple, or cherry wood. The smoke flavor profiles range from delicate and sweet to rich and earthy and are considered an integral component in the grilling process as it elevates the meats natural flavors while giving a truly authentic and unforgettable barbecue taste. However, barbecuing in this traditional form is a very complex skill to master. It requires a lot of preparation, patience, timing, and precise control of the temperature throughout the grilling process.

The RTB Wood Pellet Grill by NBE has taken what you love about outdoor wood barbecuing and has made it easy and accessible for anyone to master. NBE has been perfecting the art of burning wood for over 20 years in advanced pellet heating systems and has been internationally recognized for their advancements in burner design, temperature control systems, and innovative thinking. This accumulation of knowledge and passion has been incorporated into the design, development, and production of the RTB Grill. The result is truly an amazing and unique barbecue experience that combines ease of use, precise temperature zone control, versatile cooking, and full bodied wood smoked flavors that are beloved by all.


RTB 16 kW boiler with 220kg hopper

RTB Grill

Standard features include:

  • Fast automatic Ignition
  • Wide grilling heat range up to 300 °C (390 °C, grilling plate temp).
  • Temperature zone control via re-directional burner head
  • 3  temperature zone sensors
  •  1 meat temperature sensor (possibility for up to two meat temp sensors)
  • LCD temperature controller screen
  • Temperature reached notification at grill and app
  • Robust grill construction with a stainless steel internal lining
  • IOS and Android app

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Wide temperature range for versaitle grilling

up to 300°C


The RTB Grill set itself apart from other wood pellet grills on the market by the greater degree of temperature control.  The RTB grill has a very wide operating temperature range exceeding that of many other pellet grills.  The grill temperatures can reach up to an internal air temperature of about 300 degrees C at the center sensor (i.e. 10 cm above the grill plate region)  This equates to as much as 390 degrees C at the grilling plate.  Having a wide temperature range is desirable in a grill as it allows for greater cooking versatility.  The RTB grill, for example, can be used for lower temperature baking and in a 6 hour slow roast or alternatively could be used for high temperature grilling for example when searing steaks or making pizzas.

Stepless Modulating Burner for stabile grill temperatures


The desired internal temperature of the grill is maintained through a ‘stepless’ modulating burner controls.  The grill will automatically adjust the pellet feeding and fan speed to maintain the desired internal temperature.  If This precise temperature control allows for more precise controlling in the grilling process and ensures that grill temperatures do not fluctuate more than +/- 2 ° C.

Heating Zone Control


The desired temperature in the zones can be adjusted manually by adjusting the burner’s re-directional head in 1 of 5 of the notched positions from left to right. Setting the re-directional head in center will provide even temperatures to be distributed across the grill.  Notching the re-directional head to either the Left or Right of center will allow for more heat to be displaced on one side than the other.  This will allow for a temperature difference between grilling zones for a max of 60 degree Celcius. This function is ideal, for example, when using the grill for both searing and indirect cooking or when cooking several different types of meat for example poultry and beef that require a different grill temperature to cook properly.

3-Zone Temperature Monitoring


Advanced Temperature monitoring

The RTB grill is fitted with three PT1000 temperature sensors measuring the temperatures from the three different heating zones on the grill.  The desired temperature in the zones can be adjusted manually by adjusting the burner’s re-directional head in 1 of 5 of the notched positions from left to right.

RTB Grill


SKU: 150001
Temp range: 60-300° C (140-572°F)
Grill Area Bottom: 4200 cm³ (651 in²)
Grill Area Top: 1400 cm³ (217 in²)
Width: 145 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Height: 125 cm

RTB Grill


SKU: 150002
Temp range: 60-300° C (140-572°F)
Grill Area Bottom: 6000 cm² (930 in²)
Grill Area Top: 2000 cm² (310 in²)
Width: 175 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Height: 125 cm

RTB Grill


SKU: 150003
Temp range: 60-300° C (140-572°F)
Grill Area Bottom: 7800 cm² (1209 in²)
Grill Area Top: 2600 cm² (403 in²)
Width: 205 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Height: 125 cm