Online Monitoring

– heat up your home. Away from home

You can monitor your boiler online …

Your heating system at your finger tips!


What is StokerCloud?

StokerCloud is a web-based tool that allows you or your authorized NBE dealer to monitor, operate, and optimize your pellet boiler online.

Why StokerCloud?

With StokerCloud you can receive new updates on your control box and easily operate your system from anywhere, anytime.

For our Dealers and Service Providers, StokerCloud is a way to provide exceptional service in an efficient way. Dealers can establish 24/7 maintenance/service contracts with their clients and be notified immediately via e-mail or SMS if any attention is required on their clients system. Moreover, dealers are able to troubleshoot or make improvement changes to the system remotely either prior to or in replacement to a site visit.

How does it work?

Simply connect the controller to your internet network and specify the controller serial number and password.  Then go to and login using your controller’s serial number and password to register your system with stokercloud.




Exceptional Service

Why not expect one of the world’s best customer service? Make a service agreement with your service provider and use StokerCloud as a tool to predict and solve any problems that might appear on your pellet boiler system.


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