Introducing the v13 App -for complete operations and monitoring

Starting Fall, 2016 all RTBs will be getting a face lift that will include a redesign of the boiler cabinet and the inclusion of a 10′ wireless screen running the new version 13 Android App.  The V13 app will allow you to have full operations and monitoring control on your system.  In addition, you will be able to connect up to 3 android devices to your boiler.

No customer left behind. V13 app is compatible with Version 7, Version 7 RTB and Version 10 controllers.

If you are currently running with a version 7, Version 7 RTB, or a version 10 controller, you also have the possibility to download the Version 13 app for free and get the new user interface.  All that is required is that you update your Version 7 and Version 7 RTB controller to the latest version prior to establishing connection using the V13 app. For Version 10, your must download version 10.0937 here.


StokerApp - The no fuss boiler monitoring app

The stokerapp is the no fuss boiler monitoring app that allows you to stay connected to your system.  It only requires that you have an NBE controller that is connected to stokercloud.  Simply login using your stokercloud account info and begin tracking upto 5 system parameters, pellet consumption, and get a graphical overview of operations. .