Problem Description:  We have experienced a number of version 7 and version 7 RTB controllers which have experienced a constant rebooting of the boiler after the turning of the new year (2021).  After the controller clock switched to 2021 the controller begins to constantly reboot and display the message “Exception Cause=276826140” 

Section I: Solution

Option 1: Downloading software update via internet 

  1. Temporarily disconnect the controller from the internet by removing the LAN connection plug at the router or on the printboard.
  2. Restart the controller/(allow to reboot) and quickly enter the menu by pressing the MENU button when the front dashboard image of the boiler is in view.  If it does not work, try again when the system reboots until it succeeds. If that still fails (after 10-15 attempts), remove the battery on the printboard and try again.
    • NOTE: When pressing the MENU button DO NOT hold down the button but only do a quick press of the button.  Holding down the menu will access the default standard settings for each burner size.  If you experience this immediately disconnect the power and power up agin. (See more info in Section II below). 
  3. Enter the “System Settings” menu (number 18 on newer versions)
  4. Go to the parameter YEAR and set the year back to 2010
  5. Reconnect the LAN plug into the controller to reestablish the internet
  6. Go to the DOWNLOAD menu and wait for the download version 7.0674 to be available.
  7. Download 7.0674


Option 2: Downloading of new software via sd card 

  1. Power off controller
  2. Download the sd card software for version 7.0674 for either the version 7 controller or version 7 RTB here
  3. Once downloaded, the files will be found in a file folder.  Copy all files inside the folder and paste them into a completely blank sd card.  DO NOT include the folder on the sd card but only the files inside the folder.
  4. Insert the micro sd card into the controller’s sd card slot.
  5. Repower the controller. The controller will then begin loading the new software.
  6. Once all files are downloaded and the message reads “Genstarter styring, fjern venligst SD-kort”, then remove the sd card.
  7. The controller will then reboot and the new software wil be installed.





Section II: Accidentally held MENU Button down 

If you have accidentaly held the MENU button down you will open up a controller page that will look similar to what is pictured below.

If possible, DO NOT select anything as that will change your controller settings to the standard factory default settings and your existing settings will be lost.  Instead, restart the controller by powering OFF and ON the controller and access the menus as described above in OPTION 1.

If you have selected a burner size, as shown in the image above, you will need to perform all the basic adjustments to the system before starting.   These setting adjustments may include but are not restricted to:

  • Weighing of the pellets
  • Recalibration of the burner fan
  • Recalibration of the O2 sensor (if a O2 sensor is installed)
  • Activation of O2 Control (If O2 sensor is installed)
  • Choosing outputs for accessories such as DHW Priority valve
  • Choosing an output for the boiler pump
  • Choosing an output for the boiler cleaning
  • Choosing an output for the burner compressor cleaning
  • Choosing an output for the ash cleaning auger
  • Choosing an output for weather compensation valve (if installed)
  • etc.

Consult the installation manual to perform the basic start up procedures below:


Version 7 Manual

If you are still having trouble with settings etc  contact to get assistance.